Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stupid Voters

Someone made a comment that to vote only on the basis of race is stupid and its a waste. In my opinion, who the hell are you to judge? History classes were never a strong subject of mine but I'm pretty sure the most important thing about America is our freedom, our rights. First, muhfuckas wanna complain saying Blacks dont vote enough, then you turn around and complain about my reasons for voting a certain way. So not only do you want to force me to the polls, you also want to control my thought process before I get there. I have the right to vote any way that I chose. That means if I want to vote because of race or gender or because one candidate just looks better than the other, THATS MY FUCKING RIGHT TO DO SO.

So explain this to me. If you think a candidate is more suited for office than another, that the candidate does good work and has good policies, and I'm voting for the same candidate but not for the same reasons, why the fuck are you bitching? You are doing all this work for their campaign, telling people to get out and vote for this particular candidate for X,Y, and Z reasons, so what difference does it really make why I'm voting for them as long as I'm voting for them? Besides, my reasons for voting really arent any of your concern. Everyone has the right to vote any way they want. Thats the beauty of this country. If I want to vote for this person because they won a coin flip, then so be it. Thats my right as an American citizen. Fuck you to anyone who says someone else's reasons for voting are stupid or a waste.

Now, I'm not saying that those are my reasons for voting for a particular candidate. But whatever the reasons are that I vote for someone, nobody should be saying that I'm wrong for it. There are so many politicians getting elected then fucking up when they get in office. We got elected officials who are alcoholics, pedophiles, drug users, adulterers, money launderers, perverts, and just all around fucked up. They're no different than anybody else walking the streets. Plus, when you turn on the TV, all you hear is arguing. They say this person isnt a good candidate because they didnt do this, or they voted no on this bill, or they got kicked out of high school for selling dope, or whatever. All this mudslinging and name calling and smear tactics, its hard to know who to really believe. So someone says, they dont want to get into politics because of all that arguing and they vote for some simple basic reason and you say they're stupid???


Everybody knows that many candidates tell you anything to get them elected then they dont follow thru once in office. And we got these electronic voting machines which arent all that reliable for correctly counting votes. Especially considering that the company that builds them is run by republicans, the schematics of the machines can be found on the internet, and they can easily be hacked. Considering all of this, you really want to spend your time bitching about the reasons people vote? Its a damn shame, I tell ya.