Friday, July 18, 2008

Cloverfield Dream

I had the CREAZIEST dream the other day. I woke up like WTF??? I'm still trippin about it. Ok so I really dont remember the beginnings of the dream so i'll just start from where I can remember.

I'm in a high rise building looking out the window to the building across the street. Theres a guy in the window. He looks at me. On the other side of him is a door. He looks at the door and theres a monster there. As soon as he looks at the monster, all you see is the blood splatter on the window. The monster kinda resembles a ninja turtle in size but about 200 pounds bigger. It has a shell on its back but the shell has short fat spikes on it. The face of it looks like a Muttaburrasaurus (google it).

So I after seeing the guy get fucked up, I'm freaking out. There are about 4 other adults in whatever room i'm in and they're all freaking out. Then we hear something on the other side of the wall behind us. Me and another chick pick up these sticks about the size of yard sticks but heavier. When it comes around the corner we're gonna beat the shit out of it. Why we thought these sticks were gonna hurt the monster, I still have no idea but we had them and were ready to go to bat. Then we hear a little girls voice coming from the other side of the wall saying something like "please put down the sticks."

Me and the other chick were looking at each other like, is this nigga trying to talk to us??? So I asked it, do you speak english? The monster says yes, in the lil girls voice. I put down my stick and stepped out of the room into the hallway. The monster stepped out of the other room into the hallway as well. It actually didnt look scary. He says he wants to help us. He tells us this story about another monster who, for some reason I cant remember, was getting ridiculed back on their planet. So to prove his worth, he comes to earth to fuck up everything. But our monster says he's a punk and he's gonna fight him to save us.

We walk out of the building, which has a covered walkway like the front of a hotel. At the end of the walkway is someone standing and pointing upward. They say its on the roof of the walkway. So our monster says, in the lil girl voice, "I'll get him." Then he runs to the end of the walkway and jumps up and disappeared over the top. Me and the other people ran to the end of the walkway where there was a car waiting for us. One person got in the passenger seat and me and someone else got in the back. For some reason, I was thinking the monster is gonna drive and this other guy wanted to get in the driver seat. Me and him were arguing and 2 other people were trying to squeeze in the car too. I just kept telling him to get in the back cause we gotta go. All kinds of shit was going on around us and I just wanted to get the hell outta there.

Next thing i remember, me and the other people in the car were walking thru a building. We go into a room and there's all these kids in there. Then one of the chicks in my group says something crazy. I cant remember what she said but it made everyone stop and look at her. Then her whole face changed and it looked like the chick in the closet at the beginning of The Ring. Then it happens to another person. Their face changed. And it was hitting people quick. Some of the kids too. I'm like, Oh shit! I'm thinking its something like The Happening so I said we need to get these kids outta here. The last thing I remember is us running out the room.

Something else happened after that but I cant remember. Then I woke up.