Monday, October 5, 2009

To Be or Not To Be Gay: Always Has Been, Always Will Be A CHOICE!


"Gay" is becoming one of the fastest growing FADS ever. Yes, its a FAD! More and more people are claiming gay just because its "cool." The youth are doing it at a younger and younger ages because they see younger and younger kids on TV being "gay." I remember a time when being gay was not cool. Now, gay is wrapped up so much into society and entertainment that its becoming a symbol like baseball and apple pie.

I dont have a problem with gay people. What I do have a problem with is people who claim gay but dont really have a legitimate reason for becoming gay except "it looks fun" or "I wanna try that." I have a problem with young people who dont really know or understand what it means to be gay but they claim it because they saw someone else do it. I really have a problem with people who use excuses like "I was born gay" or claim to have a "gay gene." There is and never will be a such thing as a "gay gene" or "born gay." Whether you believe in God or not, there is a reason why there are males and females, not just in humans but all over nature. If we were supposed to be with the same sex, why isnt everything one sex? There are some animals and organisms that dont have a male and female gender and they reproduce asexually, so why cant humans? Because we were made for the opposite sex!

Ok lets explore this "gay gene" aka "born gay" theory. If there were a such thing as a gay gene, how do you know if you have it? A gene is something passed on from parent to child. So if no one in my family lineage (as far back as I can trace) has been gay, does that mean I dont have the gay gene? If I have kids by a guy who's aunt is gay, would he have the gay gene and pass it on to our kids? If a man had a wife and kids but left them and then began living as gay, would he now have the gay gene or was it always there? Would his kids have the gay gene too? The answer is no. If there were such as thing as "born gay" then when a baby is born, the doctor should be able to tell you "you have a 5lb 7oz healthy gay baby boy." But they dont tell you that. Even when the child is a toddler, the doctors cant tell you if your child is gay or will become gay. Gay is not a diagnosis. Its a CHOICE!

Parents are having children at younger ages and they are relying on TV to raise their kids. But the TV is showing kids that its ok to like boys AND girls. So these kids grow up thinking, "I dont have to like the opposite sex. I can like the same sex too." Yet some of these same parents arent too accepting when their child proclaims to be gay. You are a product of your environment and at some point in your life, maybe very early on, you saw something that sparked the homosexual tendencies in you and no one told you otherwise (they probably thought it was cute) and so you continued.

I once saw the toddler son of a friend with lipstick on his face. His older sisters put it on him as a joke. He was running around trying to kiss everyone and laughing all the while. My friend promptly wiped the lipstick off the boys face and then scolded the girls. A male friend who saw this said, "oh theyre just playing. He's a kid and doesnt know any better." She proceed to explain to him that this is how it starts. The boy will think its ok to wear lipstick and then it will go from lipstick to high heels to purses and dresses. Then she showed the guy a video of a young boy who calls himself a "princess boy" who wears pink dresses. His parents let him play with girlie things and didnt tell him that boys shouldnt do that. Now, at about 7 or 8 yrs old, the little boy wants to be a princess. This is how it starts. The boy wasnt born gay. He was allowed to do things at an early age and was not told that its wrong. Plain and simple.

A grown person who chooses to be gay is fine with me. But I hate when parents allow their children to be that way and then say they've always been like that. Thats pure bull!