Friday, October 3, 2008

Booty Sounds

I know nobody has ever wondered what their booty sounds like and they dont have to. Just turn on the radio and thats what you hear: BOOTY SOUNDS! That shit aint music. It sounds like something that came out your ass, hence the name BOOTY SOUNDS! The crap they put on the airwaves these days is ridiculous. First of all, anyone who has went to school and got average grades (not D's or F's) in English class cant halfway understand the lyrics because it sounds like Mush Mouth from Fat Albert is rapping. All you hear is mumbling and slurring words. But people who talk like that regularly can understand it. And thats who the music is for. Its not for people with real goals in life, who have a purpose, and know that "get rich quick"schemes are BS. Wanting to be Scarface or Frank Lucas is NOT a real goal in life. Wanting to be the next big rap superstar is NOT a real goal in life if you sound like everyone else that's been out for the last 5 years. Rapping about pussy, drugs, drinking, money, cars, cribs, bitches, ass, etc, does not make you an instant star. Nigga, your money cant be that long if you doing open mic shows with 6 people on the list and 10 people in the crowd (including the first 6). You ain't made it just cause your song is on the radio and your video is on BET. You ain't been in NO magazine, NOBODY else is playing your video (BET has no cred anymore), you DON'T get any airplay outside your state or even city for that matter. Oh but your MySpace page has 10,000 hits and you got 5000 friends and now you think you in the same league as T.I.? You might be in the same boat as T.I.with legal troubles but you ain't no hip hop heavyweight. Your album didn't even go gold but everybody in your hood has it cause it was given out for free. Your single went gold but thats cause its a ringtone and nobody can understand anything except the hook so that all they want to hear. You were only offered a one year one album deal and you didn't read the fine print before you signed so all that jewelry, the cars and house you bought for your mom, will all be repossessed and you wouldn't have even got your full 15 minutes of fame. All of these "rappers" are just two hit wonders. They WONDER why they got dropped from the label. I WONDER why they even got that far. The label WONDERS who's next?