Friday, September 18, 2009

Kan-hate West

The president called him a jackass! I think its official by everyone's standards: Kan-hate has fucked up now!

I call him Kan-hate cause that's what he does, he hates on people. He's a big hater. And for the first time, his hating has gotten him into trouble. All the other times Kan-hate has done something retarded, people try to make excuses for him like its ok because he's so talented and gifted. Now, I'm not hating on the man's skills cause its undeniable that he's got some. But that's no reason to look the other way when he goes off the deep end. Hell Michael Jackson was gifted beyond comprehension but no one wanted to cut him any slack when he doing whatever he was doing. Oh but let Kan-hate blurt out some retarded mess and people are saying "but that's just Kanye. The man is gifted." SO WHAT? Your talents give you a free pass to be a jackass? Of all the things he's done, the Taylor Swift mess was (in my opinion) no different than any of the other stunts he's pulled. But what sets this one apart from the rest is the unanimous "BOOs" across the board. Before, when people wanted to make excuses, it was mostly his fans doing so. But after the Taylor Swift incident, EVERYONE including fans, think he went too far. So before, he had some kind of support and now he has none. That's why he wants to apologize (fake). He's never apologized before for anything he did. He never showed remorse before. But this incident had more far reaching consequences than he could have imagined. THE PRESIDENT CALLED HIM A JACKASS! Nobody cares about how talented he is now. Everyone finally realizes how much of a dick he's always been. He has lost fans and credibility. He HAS to apologize and show remorse to save face. If he didn't, that would be the end of his career.

But you also have to blame these shows for allowing him to do these things. As soon as he was walking across the stage towards Taylor, I said "why did they let him on stage? Where is security?" Then I said, "why would she give him the mic?" Had that been me on stage, he wouldn't have even touched the mic. I would have told him "No one called your name so you have no business being on stage. Keep your comments to yourself, go back to your seat, and you can blog about it tomorrow." These award shows put his seat right next to the stairs, close to the stage so he can have easy access to do some buffoonery. You see other people who win awards and their seats are like 15 rows back. Kan-hate's seat is usually in the first 5 rows right in front of the stairs. Then MTV wants to save face by saying they kicked him out afterwards. But where was your security to stop him beforehand? Everybody knows when Kan-hate heads towards the stage, he's probably gonna do something stupid, especially if his name wasn't called to be on stage in the first place.

My ultimate dislike for Kan-hate is his arrogance. The way I figure it, considering all that has happened in his life, he should be the most humble person ever. He got his start by nearly losing his life and instead of being grateful for still being amongst the living, he goes around crying about what HE says he "deserves" as if the world owes him something. His arrogance kept building and building because people kept making excuses for him, justifying his actions by his talent. I knew that something would happen to knock him down a peg or two. And then his mom died. I really hate that it happened to him because losing a mother is hard on anyone. But I thought, maybe this will bring him back to earth and humble him and make him more appreciative of what he has. NOPE! He had his moment to grieve but then it was right back to the same ol' Kan-hate. Still ungrateful, still a hater. It still remains to be seen whether or not this incident has really changed him. With him saying he wants to take the crown as the new king of pop, I doubt it. But the world has a way of coming around and eventually, he will get humbled but maybe not in a good way. Evil never goes unpunished.