Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fork You Poll

This is just for fun.
Don't ask what it is or why.
Either you vote or you don't.
Just want to see what everyone says.

Vote Here

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why ask why?

Don't worry about why I started this blog, just read it and be merry.

So this post is pretty much gonna be for introductions. I guess I should go first, right? Duh!

You can call me Triniti. I’m a late 20 something young woman, single, no kids. Born and raised in the A, I’m a Georgia Peach thoroughbred. Damn straight! I’m a graphic designer and I love to write and cook. Shoulda went to culinary school instead of the crappy building they called a school that I attended, but thats a whole nother subject matter and we’ll get to that later.

Well I’m not one to put all my business out there on front street but then again thats what a blog is. People who rant and rave on and on about themselves. Really, I wanna talk about other things moreso than my personal life but who knows. I might just give a lil more insight into the mind that is…….Triniti