Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why ask why?

Don't worry about why I started this blog, just read it and be merry.

So this post is pretty much gonna be for introductions. I guess I should go first, right? Duh!

You can call me Triniti. I’m a late 20 something young woman, single, no kids. Born and raised in the A, I’m a Georgia Peach thoroughbred. Damn straight! I’m a graphic designer and I love to write and cook. Shoulda went to culinary school instead of the crappy building they called a school that I attended, but thats a whole nother subject matter and we’ll get to that later.

Well I’m not one to put all my business out there on front street but then again thats what a blog is. People who rant and rave on and on about themselves. Really, I wanna talk about other things moreso than my personal life but who knows. I might just give a lil more insight into the mind that is…….Triniti

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