Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Makes You An Expert?

"Just because you've been doing it longer, doesn't mean you're doing it right" - Me

I've found this to be true in most cases, but just recently I realized a situation in which its not. When it comes to relationships, people who are together for long periods of time are doing something right, whereas people who change relationships like they change underwear seem to be doing something wrong. And by long periods of time, I mean unmarried couples who have been together for several years and married couples who've been together in excess of 10 yrs.

In my opinion, these are the types of people who I would consider "relationship experts," or someone who can give good relationship advice. The problem is that many people who consider themselves "relationship experts" or say they give good relationship advice aren't in stable relationships or can't keep one. Those people will tell you how to GET a relationship but not how to KEEP one. Getting a relationship is simple, keeping it requires work.

I dont think you qualify to give advice if you've been married 3 or more times, or your marriages dont last longer than 5 years. I want to talk to the couple thats been married for 25 years or the couple thats been together and faithful to each other for 8 years. Those are the real relationship experts. They have put in work, been thru everything, cried and laughed together, and are still going strong. You've been with 6 different people in 5 years and you think you can tell me how to get a man? The only thing youre in expert in is fucking up and the only advice you can give is to not do what you did.

Note to Steve Harvey: STFU