Monday, March 10, 2008

Remember My Name

I been diggin thru some old stuff and I found this. Just a lil piece I was working on but never did anything with it.

Even if its the last thing you do, you'll remember my name.
I'm like a mental tatoo. etched out in ya brain.
Nigga ask anybody about me and they'll tell you the same.
Cause I'm Triniti. I be dat one to break ya veins.
Man i bring da pain.
Shit I bring da rain.
They didn't tell you I was named after that hurricane.
Cause I bring destruction to any nigga that gets in my way.
You gone remember my name
cause you gone remember that day.
And aint shit you can say.
I didn't steal it away.
Truth is, ya shit was handed to me on a silver plate.
They didn't want to wait
and you were just dead weight.
So for the sake of his pockets,
he crumpled you up and tossed it.
So you claim to have dough but I aint seen it yet.
The only money you'll ever see is in a reality check.
I aint askin you for shit, bitch I take respect.
I'm a seasoned vet.
Guaranteed you won't forget

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