Friday, November 21, 2008

The Great Debators (Denzel Monologue)

I'll Take The Affirmative.

Take the meanest, most restless nigga. Strip him of his clothes in front of the remaining male niggas, female niggas, and nigga infants. Tar and feather him. Tie each leg to a horse facing in opposite directions, set him on fire and beat both horses until they tear him apart. In front of the male, female, and nigga infants. Bullwhip and beat the remaining nigga males within an inch of their life--Do no kill them, but put the fear of God in them so they can be useful for future breeding.

Anybody know who Willie Lynch was? Anybody? Raise your hand. No one? He was a vicious slave owner in the West Indies. The slave masters in the colony of Virginia were having trouble controlling their slaves so they sent for Mr. Lynch, to teach them his methods. The word lynching came from his last name. His methods were very simple but they were diabolical. Keep the slave physically strong but psychologically weak and dependent on the slave master. Keep the body, take the mind.

I and ever other professor on this campus are here to help you to find, take back, and keep your righteous mind. Because obviously you have lost it. That's all you need to know about me, Mr. Lowe.

Class dismissed.


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