Friday, August 20, 2010

Candy Bar Trivia

EMAIL ME YOUR ANSWERS! DO NOT POST THEM! (spoils it for others)

1. A famous swashbuckling trio of old
2. Favorite day of the week for working people
3. Not laughing out loud
4. Indian burial ground
5. Galaxy
6. Red Planet
7. A sweet sign of affection
8. Can't hold onto anything
9. A famous author
10. A happy nut
11. Famous New York street
12. Famous former baseball star
13. Twin letters
14. Home of the movie stars
15. Superman's "reporter" name
16. Freezing point of water
17. Feline
18. A real wad of cash
19. Exclude no one!
20. One of the Peanuts gang (female)
21. Can't think of the name
22. A basketball term
23. A type of fireworks display
24. One of the 12 Days of Christmas
25. Boys' names

*a couple of the answers are older candies that have been discontinued*

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