Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Strange Morning

I had a very strange experience this morning, followed by a weird dream.

I was lying in the bed, almost sleep but not quite. You know when youre half asleep but you can still hear the things around you, I was in that state. I could hear the sounds of the street and that incessant dog barking in the neighborhood. Then I began to sense very faint footsteps, leading from the kitchen to the hallway.

You know how sometimes you can sense the presence of a person near you without actually seeing them? Like when people try to scare you but you sensed them being around you so their trick didnt work? Well, I sensed this being along with the footsteps. The steps were very faint and the rhythm of it made me think of someone walking.

The entire house was quiet as I was the only one here. Most of the windows were open and even though I could hear the sounds from outside, I could still distinctly hear these faint steps. I started to get scared because I didnt hear a door open, no movement, no creaking sounds of old floorboards. The steps sounded the same on the wood floor as they did on the carpet.

My heart started racing as I heard the steps and sensed the being come into the room. It went around the bed to the far side where I was lying. The presence got really strong as it stood next to me. I was lying on my side with my back towards it and a sleep mask over my eyes. I felt like the being leaned over and breathed on my face because I remember my face getting really warm and it seemed like the face was right in front of me.

My heart was beating so fast, I jolted up and ripped the mask off my eyes. There was nothing there. The feeling of the presence was still there but it soon faded. I sat and listened to the sounds around me coming thru the window. Nothing I heard sounded like those steps. I was so freaked out, I could go back to sleep. I kept replaying the scene in my mind, wondering what it could have been.


When I finally went to sleep I had a dream where I was in the same room and I heard noises coming from the bathroom. The door to the bedroom is directly across from the bathroom so when I got up and walked out of the room, I could see three young guys outside the bathroom window. They were trying to get into a secret room near the roof that I could see from a small hole in the bathroom. I opened the window and told them to leave. They climbed off the side of my house and climbed into the back of the house next door, which doesnt have anyone living in it now but apparently, someone lived in it in the dream. I went back into the bedroom and looked out the window and I could see an old man sitting in a rocker on the front porch.

Some other stuff happened that I cant remember now but there were three things that happened to my house in this dream. The kids trying to get in was one. The second thing I remember was that for some reason there were quite a few girls in my house. I walked past the bathroom door and got wet. I turned around and saw a few girl in the bathtub and a few more in the bathroom (the bathroom in the dream was way bigger than my actual bathroom). The shower head was on full blast yet it was facing out the door, soaking the carpet.

The third thing I remember is looking into the living room and seeing a young girl and boy arguing next to the front door. I asked why they were in my house and proceeded to escort them out the door. As we exited, I saw a guy I knew but hadnt seen in years. We struck up a conversation and he went to his car to get something to show me. I cant remember what it was but it was then that I noted several broken panes of glass on the door. Part of the door was like a stained glass window. There were several large sections shattered, cracked or completely gone.

I was outraged because I knew that boy did it. Several people in the neighborhood came to see the damage since I was on my front porch having a fit. One lady pointed out that the house diagonal to mine was where the boy lived and she went to get his mother. When the boy's mother walked up, she looked ashamed and said she would pay for the damage.

When my mother got home later, I went to show her the door and it looked like someone put all the pieces of broken glass back together into each space. All the holes were filled but the glass was not whole pieces. I tapped one of the sections and the glass flexed and bounced back like jello.

When I awoke from this dream, I looked around the room because I still remembered that presence I felt earlier. It hasnt left my mind all day.

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