Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting This Off My Chest

Some people just dont listen. Or they act like they didnt hear you, thinking it'll go away or that they can change things. I would think I know myself better than anyone. So if I told you I might eventually do something you dont like, but you said you're a man and can handle it, why then are you mad at me cause I actually did it? And your way of "handling it" is to pretty much cut me off? I take responsibility for what I did and I apologize. But you wont take responsibility for what you did, which is basically, you asked for it. I warned you. I tried to keep you from it. But you were determined and you persisted. And when things didnt go the way you wanted, even though you got what you wanted, you make me out to be the bad guy.

I still want you as my friend but it seems like you dont. You've made your jealousy very clear at times but I let it go cause I know you may still be hurting. But dont act like a stingy kid who doesnt want to share his toys. The problem you have is that you're always at either extreme. There is no middle ground with you, at least when it comes to me. Its either too much or nothing at all. I've explained this to you several times and Im not saying you didnt try but you efforts seemed too short lived before you're back at one of those extremes again.

On one hand, I dont want to lose my friend after everything we've been thru. On the other hand, its like you've already checked out, and you dont seem to want to come back unless you can have your way. I shouldn't have to chase you if its something we mutually want. But im not even on the back burner. You put me behind the stove!

This isnt something Im just now feeling. Ive been feeling it for a while but I've been trying to find ways to salvage this and I feel like you're just moving further and further away, making it harder. I could be wrong and if I am, call me and correct me. But if im not, you've already given up on me. So I guess thats it.

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