Monday, August 26, 2013

Reading is Fundamental

It's been a while since I've read a book. And that's sad. Especially considering I have a ton of books. I've been doing so much on the computer, whether it be work or leisure, that I've just gotten away from a favorite pastime.

That is about to change. I've just picked up a Dan Brown book and I'm a big fan of his work. I read all his books before they even made the Da Vinci Code movie. So i was definitely stoked to find this new one.
I tried the ebooks but reading on my phone just doesn't cut it for me. Too many distractions with notifications and calls and texts. Then there's the battery issue. I just prefer a physical book. Not to mention, this move to digital press is what made me get laid off from the best job EVA! So instead of buying another gadget and then buying the ebooks, I'll just give my money to good old fashion print press books. And maybe one day in the future, they'll be worth some money.

Oh, by the way, the book I have is called Inferno. I'll post my review of or when I'm finished.

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