Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Loot Crate

October Loot Crate Theme is FEAR.
Death by Cats Tshirt. I had high hopes for the shirt. The last two shirts I got from LootCrate were great. And with the theme, Halloween time, mention of Walking Dead, boasts of being an epic box... I just knew this month's shirt would be great as well. Man, if only you could have seen my face.
Cats. Why cats? I'm so not a fan of cats. I dont hate them, Im just not fond of them. I would not voluntarily wear anything with cats on it or cat related. So yeah, total buzzkill that shirt was. Besides that, its a girl shirt so it's light and tight. I actually have to wear a size up cause those kinds of shirts run small so they can be tight and form fitting. So even if I liked the shirt, it wouldnt fit.
This shirt was epic alright. EPIC FAIL!
The inside of the box is really cool. I havent tried it yet but I think the box is reversible. I've missed a few boxes so don't know if that is something unique to this month's box or if they do it with all boxes now. They should definitely do it worth all future boxes. It makes the actual box another exclusive collectors item.

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