Saturday, April 4, 2009

WTF is a GOON?

I don't know if this started with the #1 gay rapper or not but after I heard his "what's a goon to a goblin" line, I keep hearing dudes calling themselves goons. Plies had a line in his new song saying "I'm your goon, you my goonette" (???). Seriously??? COME ON! Well in his case its different cause Plies looks like the deformed offspring of a goon and a goblin, but still. You telling me females are swooning off this shit? Any female who does fall for it, is just as stupid and ignorant as the retard who calls himself that. What happened to being a man? You can't be a man if you're a goon. I was visiting a friend once and he was talking to one of his neighbors. This dude had live in girlfriend AND another girlfriend who had her own place AND a new baby from a third girl. All of whom know about each other (dude would have them all over at the same time!). Anyways, his new baby was a boy and he was telling my friend "this lil nigga gone be a goon." I'm not even gonna go into all the things wrong with that sentence. But I asked my friend why he doesn't try to talk some sense into the dude. My friend said, besides it not being his business, it would be useless. Just from the conversations that they've had before, he knows that nobody can talk sense into the dude. (Oh yeah, the dude was only 19 at the time!). But its that kind of ignorance that breeds more ignorance and thats why we have guys wanting to be stupid. Yeah, they WANT to be stupid. Thats why they drop out of school in pursuit of being a drug kingpin or the next rap star. And the way music is going down the toilet today, the latter is becoming easier to do for the less intelligent. Its getting harder for people who actually make music thats about something to get deals cause the radio is being flooded with garbage (See my previous post called Booty Sounds). Anyways, anyone who wants to be called a goon or goblin or anything besides a man, gets no respect from me.

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