Monday, January 5, 2015

Influenster Frosty VoxBox

Influenster Frosty VoxBox 

This is the first VoxBox I've received in a long time. I used to get them more often but then after the revamp, it was like a cold silence. But I remained patient and my reward was this beautiful box. 


I got Sugar Plum in my #FrostyVoxBox. I did not like the color. I was able to swap it for Berry Me because I still wanted to try the product. I really like this color. The lipstick is very smooth and there was not a lot of bleeding since I didnt use a lip liner. It didnt make my lips dry either. I like it.

I've always been a fan of Celestial Seasonings and Candy Cane is always a holiday fave. I was stoked to get this. I used to eat Twizzlers but hated how tough they were. These are way better. Theyre very soft and not super sweet but very flavorful. I like the bites because I can have just a few pieces if I want versus a whole rope.

While the Thyme seemed out of place in the box, it found the perfect place in my kitchen. My thyme jar on the spice rack was getting kinda low. Its not something I use often but its always good to have on hand. The brush on the other hand, I have absolutely no use for since I have locks. This will be given away to someone who needs it. My mom just got a brush in a gift set so she doesnt need another one when she barely uses the one she has. 

The eye makeup remover was a delight to see. I have tried all kinds of makeup removers that are either creamy, oily, or wipes. This is my first "watery" makeup remover. I've seen them before but just never tried any so I was happy that now I have one to try. And it works great. The only problem is that it does burn a little if it gets in your eye. I just make sure to keep my eye closed until I dry the area after cleaning. 

The last two products I have yet to try. Im not a fan of foil packs because theyre usually not enough to really test a product's effectiveness. And I have a bajillion black eyeliners. But this one is at the front of the list on the next one that I start using when my other one goes out.

All in all, this was a great box and I was so happy to get it. I cant wait for the next VoxBox.

I received the product(s) complimentary to test and/or review

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