Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Movie Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Finally got done suffering thru Exodus: Gods and Kings. Two and a half hours of ridiculousness, blasphemy, and GTFOHWTBS. Much like the movie Noah, this one also had a storyline that was so far fetched from the original story that it shouldn't even have the same names. Some of the worst examples are:

1. Moses walks around almost all of the movie without his walking stick. So there is nothing of him turning his stick into a snake. That whole part of the original story is left out. (how could you? That's one of the best parts of the story)

2. Moses is exiled, not because he kills someone, but because Ramses found out he was Hebrew. (so that's how yall doing it?)

3. The Red Sea doesnt part. Its just low tide. (booooooooo)

4. Ramses and Moses both get swept away when the water returns. And both live. (like really? REALLY?!? Pffft)

And the worst of all: God is portrayed by an 8yr old white boy. The bush burned in the background for a minute or two but it was the boy who spoke. NO. NO. NO. and NO. (this is the first time I had to stop the movie, but it wasn't the only time)

This was such a huge ton of crap. Took me several times to finish this movie cause its hard to watch such egregious faults. Dont watch it. You'll be pissed!

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