Monday, March 23, 2009

If it doesn't fit, you must chuck that shit

Remember back in the days, caps had the plastic adjuster on the back. Then there was the fabric strip with the clasp. The purpose of those was to be able to adjust the hat to fit your head. But now we have fitted caps. No need for adjusting, just pick the size of your dome. So can somebody explain to me the logic behind buying a fitted cap that doesn't fit??? Honestly, whats the point? You've seen these retards walking around with caps so big that it looks like they're wearing a salad bowl. You can't see their face, all you see is their lips and chin, if that. And I know they can't see either. And who the hell started doing this shit where you just lay the cap on your head? If that ain't some stupid shit! It ain't even really on their heads, its just floating. And they always gotta keep adjusting it so that it floats just right. From what I've seen I think its supposed to float on the side instead of the top but for what? Sometimes I wonder if any of them has a protrusion they want to cover up, like the little girl on the Oblongs. And then some of them don't even wash the caps. I've seen the dirty ass caps with the brown ring on the inside. (The brown ring will show up on any color). The cap is always musty and moist and steamy. That's nasty. And I've seen some guys try to clean their caps and it just looks retarded. This one dude used a toothbrush to clean the brown ring and then just wiped off the soap. He only touched that inside strip and nothing else. The cap is still musty smelling so he febreezed it. When are people going to learn that febreezing something is not a substitute for a good washing? Caps need to be washed too. There is a way to wash a cap without losing its shape but I guess some people just don't think or don't care. And they wonder why their foreheads and necks are always itching. But that could be another problem lol

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