Monday, March 23, 2009

Febreeze Is Not A Substitute For a Washer

Ever since Febreeze came out, people think they don't have to wash their clothes anymore. As if spraying Febreeze on clothes makes them clean. No, it makes it smell fresh even though its not clean. The bottle says "fabric refresher" not "washing machine in a bottle." I once saw this dude take a shirt and literally soak it with febreeze. Not damp, it was soaked. Then he tossed it in the dryer. That's nasty. That shit ain't clean. Then he takes it out, sprays it again, and then irons it. Febreeze is not spray starch either! As soon as the iron hits the shirt, you can smell the funk. I didn't smell it when it came out the dryer but when he started ironing it, the whole room just stank. He had the nerve to claim that the steam is releasing the dirt from the shirt. I think he's been inhaling too much of that dirt in the air. Why does it seem like some people have a phobia of soap and water? If they don't wash their clothes, I think its safe to assume that they probably have bathing at the bottom of their list of priorities. You ain't stuntin if you musty! You ain't ballin if you tart! You ain't pimpin if you pungent. And you ain't clean if you ain't bathed!

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