Monday, March 2, 2009

Man vs. Animal

You know the world is getting crazy when people value the life of an animal over the life of a human being. History wasn't my best subject but I damn sure don't remember any animals doing anything to contribute to this country. So why is it that animal rights and privileges are being held to higher standards than those of a human being? And yes it is happening. Don't believe me? Take the situation going on with Michael Vick versus the situation with T.I. Somebody please explain to me how a two time felon caught on tape buying weapons can get a lesser penalty than a football star who fought dogs? Think about it. In Vick's case, there were some dogs that lost their lives but there were no human lives at stake. On the other hand, though he says he's protecting himself and his family, T.I. didn't buy guns to kill animals. They were meant to kill people. But who got in more trouble? People are still trying to end Vick's career but T.I. has yet to serve his few months and his career isn't even in jeopardy. Now, don't get me wrong. I love T.I. and I love Michael Vick. But the punishment for the circumstances isn't justifiable. You mean to tell me a felon serves less time than a non-felon? That's not justice. I hate that either one is in their respective situations but neither of them is stupid and they both knew what they were doing. My problem is that the so called justice system here isn't fair. Why would the lost of an animal's life be considered more sacred than our own species? Why are people holding animals to higher standards than humans? What has any animal done to contribute to human life and well being? Its bullshit. I'm not an animal hater but we are supposed to be at the top of the food chain. They are placing more value on the lives of animals. Before long, they'll be wanting to make animals citizens. Animals already have just about everything that humans have. They have clothes and houses, people are putting them as next of kin on their wills and leaving absurd amounts of money to them, they have spas and schools and hotels, they have their own charities and organizations who say you can sponsor an animal for 49 cents a day (about the same amount to sponsor a human???), they even have insurance! And people are quick to yell, "Animals are people too." NO THE HELL THEY ARE NOT!!! Animals are animals and people are people. Two different species. You can't swap organs or blood with animals. Animals have instinct. People have free will. Animals and people are not interchangeable. I wish these people will wake up and smell the dog shit.

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